Beauty Queen 21 Roses

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A Dreamy Combination of 11 Pink and 10 Light Purple Roses with Palviforia Leaves

Enduring Beauty: The world's oldest living rose bush, believed to be over 1,000 years old, graces the wall of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany. These vibrant blooms stand as a testament to the enduring beauty and symbolism of roses.

Rose Meanings:

  • Pink Roses: Symbol of sweetness, elegance, and innocence.
  • Light Purple Roses: Represent enchantment and love at first sight.

Unveiling Your Arrangement: Upon receiving your flowers, gently remove the packaging and let them "breathe" for a short while.

Care Instructions:

  1. Cut the stems: For optimal water intake, use sharp shears to cut 1-2 inches off the stems at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Remove excess foliage: Remove leaves that will be submerged in water to prevent bacterial growth.
  3. Hydrate thoroughly: Place the stems in a clean vase filled with fresh, cool tap water.
  4. Freshen up daily: Every 24 hours, recut the stems slightly and replace the water with fresh, cool water.
  5. Avoid harsh conditions: Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, fans, and air conditioners.
  6. Maintain their beauty: Remove wilted petals or leaves to preserve the overall freshness and appearance.
  7. Mist for vibrancy: A daily mist of water can help your flowers stay hydrated and maintain their beautiful appearance.

Our Promise:

  • Freshness guaranteed: At Flowerbox, flower quality and freshness are our top priorities.
  • Temperature-controlled delivery: All orders are delivered in specially designed vans to ensure optimal temperature and freshness.
  • Blooming anticipation: Some flowers may arrive in bud form for longer-lasting enjoyment. Witnessing them bloom throughout the week adds a touch of magic to the experience.
  • Image representation: While we strive to match the product image, slight variations in shape or design may occur due to seasonal availability.
  • Timely delivery: Our goal is to deliver your order within the chosen time slot, but unforeseen circumstances may rarely cause delays.
  • Redirection limitations: Once prepared and dispatched, deliveries cannot be redirected within the same time slot.
  • Flower substitutions: In case of temporary unavailability, we may substitute flowers with the best suitable alternatives. We will notify you beforehand and use our best judgment if no response is received, prioritizing timely delivery for special occasions.

Embrace the captivating beauty and symbolism of this stunning arrangement, and enjoy its presence for days to come!


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