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An Oasis of Tranquility: A Symphony in Verdant Hues

This captivating arrangement from Flowerbox isn't just a collection of flowers, it's an oasis of tranquility, presented in a stylish yellow ceramic glass vase (10cm x 19cm). This display embraces the beauty of nature's verdant palette, creating a sense of peace and serenity in any space.

A Symphony of Soothing Greens

  • 1 Green Hydrangea: Symbolizing gratitude and heartfelt emotions, the lush green hydrangea adds a touch of tranquility and conveys sincere appreciation.
  • 7 Green Carnations: These rich green carnations introduce a unique twist on a classic flower, adding depth and a touch of prosperity to the arrangement.
  • 5 Stems Green Hypericum: Green hypericum, known for its decorative berry-like clusters, adds a touch of texture and complements the verdant color scheme.

Accented with Natural Elegance

  • 2 Kentia Palm Leaves: The elegant kentia palm leaves add a touch of graceful texture and a tropical feel.
  • 2 Stems Limonium (Sea Lavender): The delicate statice adds a touch of airiness and brings a natural element to the display.

Modern Presentation

  • Premium Yellow Ceramic Glass Vase (10cm x 19cm): The sleek yellow ceramic glass vase creates a sense of modern charm, perfectly complementing the calming green tones within.

Long-lasting Brilliance

To ensure your oasis of tranquility thrives, follow these simple Flowerbox care tips:

  • Hydrangeas: Unlike most flowers, hydrangeas prefer minimal stem manipulation. They absorb water more effectively through their large blooms, so avoid cutting the stem.
  • Green Carnations & Hypericum: Upon receiving your arrangement, gently remove any packaging. Cut the stems diagonally by about 1-2 inches.
  • Hydration: Fill the yellow ceramic glass vase with cool tap water. Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line.
  • Placement: Avoid placing the arrangement in direct sunlight or excessive heat. Keep it away from fans and air conditioners.
  • Freshness Tips: Every 24 hours, recut the stems of green carnations and hypericum by 1-2 centimeters and replace the water in the vase with fresh, cool tap water. Remove any wilted petals or leaves as needed. To enhance the freshness of the hydrangea blooms and statice, you can optionally mist them gently with cool water daily.

By following these simple steps, you can savor the captivating beauty and symbolic message of your Touch of Green Tranquility for days to come. This stunning display is the perfect way to express gratitude, well wishes, or simply bring a touch of calming nature's beauty into someone's day.


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