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The Ultimate Arabian Delight: A Coffee & Chocolate Oasis for Your Hero

This luxurious gift basket offers a taste of Arabian hospitality, perfect for thanking your hero or simply indulging in exotic flavors.

Aromatic Delights:

  • Deluxe Patchi Chocolates (100gm): Savor the world-renowned flavors of these decadent chocolates.
  • Arabic Coffee (100gm): Experience the rich and aromatic flavors of traditional Arabian coffee.
  • Scented Glass Jar Candle with "My Hero" Message: The captivating scent adds ambiance, while the personalized message expresses your gratitude.

Sweet & Savory Treats:

  • Ceramic Coffee Mug: The perfect vessel to enjoy a cup of fragrant Arabic coffee.
  • Pistachio in a Jar (100gm): These salty and nutty pistachios offer a delightful contrast to the sweet chocolates.

A Touch of Luxury:

  • Bakhoor: Indulge in the rich and smoky fragrance of bakhoor, traditionally burned on hot coals to scent a room.
  • Bakhoor Burner: This beautiful burner allows for the safe and convenient burning of bakhoor.

A Touch of Elegance:

  • Bunch of Blue Orchid and Gypso: The vibrant blue orchid adds a touch of exotic beauty, complemented by the delicate gypso.
  • Black Painted Square Wooden Tray: This elegant tray provides a sophisticated presentation for all the included items.

A Fascinating History:

Did you know that chocolate has a rich history dating back 4,000 years to ancient Mesoamerica, present-day Mexico? The Olmec civilization was the first to cultivate cacao plants and create chocolate beverages for rituals and medicinal purposes. This gift basket offers a unique blend of Arabian and Mexican traditions, creating a truly special gift for your hero.

Note: While the Mini Chocopedia included information about the history of chocolate, it may not be entirely relevant to the overall theme of the Arabian delight basket. You can choose to omit this section or tailor it to include interesting facts about Arabic coffee or bakhoor instead.


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