Floral Forest Bouquet

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Earthy Tapestry: A Symphony of Gratitude and Joy

This captivating bouquet isn't just a display of flowers, it's an earthy tapestry woven with vibrant colors and heartfelt emotions, beautifully wrapped in a rustic combination of brown and black paper.

A Flourish of Gratitude

  • 1 Blue Hydrangea: Symbolizing gratitude and heartfelt thanks, the blue hydrangea sets the tone for a message of appreciation.

A Symphony of Warmth

  • 7 Orange Roses: Embodying passion and boundless energy, these vibrant blooms exude a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

A Touch of Innocence

  • 4 White Stem Baby Roses: Adding a touch of sweetness and purity, the baby roses represent innocence and new beginnings.

Textured Delights

  • 2 Stems Eryngium: These unique thistle-like flowers symbolize protection and independence, adding an interesting textural element.
  • 4 Stems Green Button Chrysanthemums: Known for their association with cheerfulness and longevity, the button mums bring a touch of charm to the arrangement.
  • 2 Stems Blue Statice: Representing persistence and everlasting memories, the blue statice adds pops of color and a touch of wild charm.

Earthy Elegance

  • 4 Stems Eucalyptus Leaves: These fragrant leaves provide a touch of natural elegance and a calming presence.
  • 2 Stems Parvifolia Leaves: Adding a touch of natural texture, the parvifolia leaves complement the vibrant blooms beautifully.

Long-lasting Brilliance

To ensure your Earthy Tapestry thrives, follow these simple flower care tips:

  • Upon receiving your bouquet, gently remove the wrapping and allow the flowers to breathe for a short while.

  • Hydration is Key: Fill a clean vase with cool tap water.

  • Stem Prep: Using sharp shears or a knife, cut the stems diagonally by about 1-2 inches. Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line in the vase.

  • Placement Matters: Avoid placing the arrangement in direct sunlight or excessive heat. Keep it away from fans and air conditioners as well.

  • Daily Care: Every 24 hours, recut the stems by 1-2 centimeters and replace the water in the vase with fresh, cool tap water.

  • Freshness Tips: Remove any wilted petals or leaves as needed. To extend the life of your flowers, mist them lightly with cool water daily.

By following these simple steps, you can savor the captivating beauty and symbolic meaning of your Earthy Tapestry for days to come. This unique display is sure to leave a lasting impression and express your gratitude in a truly heartfelt way.


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