Healing Sorrow Red and Blue

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A Whimsical Tapestry: A Touch of Playful Charm in a Box

This captivating arrangement isn't just a collection of flowers, it's a whimsical tapestry bursting from a petite 12x12cm glass vase. It offers a delightful contrast of classic romance and playful cheer, perfect for a variety of occasions.

A Playful Symphony

  • 5 Stunning Red Roses: These blooms express deep emotions and unwavering love, creating a foundation of timeless romance.

  • 4 Delicate White Matthiola Stems: Adding a touch of sweetness and good luck, their gentle fragrance enhances the overall charm.

  • 1 Statuesque Blue Delphinium Stem: Symbolizing fun, lightness, and a touch of whimsy, the delphinium's unique shape is reminiscent of a dolphin's nose, adding a touch of whimsy (according to the ancient Greeks!).

  • 3 Vibrant Red Hypericum Berries: Providing pops of color and a touch of rustic charm, the hypericum berries add a playful element to the arrangement.

  • 3 Classic Red Carnations: Accenting the arrangement with a symbol of admiration and affection, the red carnations beautifully complement the roses.

  • 2 Elegant White Aster Stems: Completing the color palette with their star-like blooms, the white asters add a touch of gentle elegance.

Finished with Natural Touches

Pittosporum leaves provide a touch of natural texture, creating a truly delightful and charming gesture.

A Touch of Mythology

(Did you know?) Legend tells us that the rose was created by Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, from her tears and the blood of her lover Adonis. This perhaps explains the rose's ability to express such a wide range of emotions, from passionate love to playful whimsy.

The Delphinium's Name

The name "delphinium" has its origins in ancient Greece. They believed the unopened flower bud with its spur resembled a dolphin's nose!

Long-lasting Brilliance in Floral Foam

Since this arrangement is pre-arranged in floral foam, follow these simple steps to ensure it thrives:

  • Upon receiving your Flowerbox arrangement, gently remove any outer packaging.

  • Hydration Made Easy: No need to cut the stems! The flowers are secured in floral foam that provides hydration. Simply pour water periodically onto the floral foam, making sure it stays moist.

  • Placement Matters: Avoid placing the arrangement in direct sunlight, excessive heat sources, fans, televisions, or radiators.

  • Freshness Boost: Remove any wilted petals or leaves as needed. A daily mist of water around the flowers can help extend their vibrant life.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the delightful beauty and symbolic meaning of this Flowerbox arrangement for as long as possible. It's the perfect way to express your love with a touch of playful whimsy, brightening anyone's day with its captivating charm.


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