Love Bouquet 35 Red Roses

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A Symphony of Passion: 35 Red Roses

This captivating bouquet ignites the senses with a vibrant display of 35 red roses, the timeless symbol of love and deep emotions. Each bloom unfolds like a crimson promise, their rich color whispering tales of burning desire and unwavering affection. Accented with 3-4 graceful Song of India leaves, the arrangement achieves a perfect balance of passion and elegance.

A Timeless Love Story:

Red roses are more than just beautiful flowers; they're a language of love understood across centuries. Their history stretches back a staggering 35 million years, and their symbolism remains powerful even today. (We can remove this sentence for a tighter description)

Wrapped in Whimsy and Sophistication:

The unique combination of wrapping elevates this bouquet to a whole new level. A base of black adds a touch of modern sophistication, while the overlay of purple hearts injects a playful touch of whimsy. It's a visual symphony that reflects the complexity of your emotions.

A Finishing Touch of Elegance:

A vibrant red ribbon bow ties the entire arrangement together, adding a classic touch that complements the passionate display of roses. Finally, the Song of India leaves provide a whisper of greenery, their graceful lines adding texture and depth to the overall presentation.

Long-Lasting Passion:

Simple care instructions are included to ensure your passionate display stays fresh (care instructions remain the same).

This captivating bouquet is more than just flowers; it's a powerful expression of your deepest emotions. It's a symphony of passion, a timeless love story waiting to be unwrapped.


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