Sunshine Heartshape Flower Box

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The Sunshine & Serenity Basket: A Touch of Brightness and Harmony

This delightful heart-shaped arrangement offers a cheerful mix of blooms, creating a sense of sunshine and tranquility. Presented in a beautiful white box and tied with a ribbon bow, it's a perfect way to brighten someone's day.

  • A Touch of Sunshine:

    • 2 Sunflowers: These vibrant blooms symbolize pure thoughts, adoration, and dedication. Their bright yellow petals add a touch of cheerfulness to the arrangement.
  • A Harmony of Colors:

    • 10 Peach Roses: Peach roses represent genuineness, sincerity, and appreciation. Their soft pink hue adds a touch of elegance and complements the sunflowers beautifully.
    • 6 Stems Green Hypericum: These delicate berries offer a touch of texture and visual interest.
  • A Symbol of Prosperity:

    • 10 Green Carnations: Green carnations are unique and hold a special meaning of wealth and prosperity.
    • 6-8 Stems Eucalyptus: The fragrant eucalyptus adds a touch of freshness and complements the other blooms with its calming presence.

Mini Flowerpedia Fun Facts:

  • Carnation Power: Did you know that carnation tea can help reduce fever and treat stomachaches? Carnation oil is also used in beauty products to treat skin conditions, minimize wrinkles, and moisturize.
  • Sunflowers: More Than Just Beauty: Sunflower seeds are not only delicious but also a good source of health benefits. They contain vitamin E, magnesium, protein, and linoleic fatty acids, which may help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

A Gift for Any Occasion:

This bright and cheerful arrangement is perfect for a variety of occasions. It can express feelings of happiness, appreciation, or simply a desire to brighten someone's day.

Thinking of Care Instructions?

While I don't have access to specific care instructions for this arrangement, here are some general tips for keeping fresh flowers looking their best:

  • Keep them in a cool location away from direct sunlight.
  • Change the water every other day and cut the stems slightly at an angle each time.
  • Avoid placing them near ripening fruits or vegetables, as they emit ethylene gas which can shorten the lifespan of flowers.

With a little care, this arrangement will bring joy to the recipient for days to come.


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